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A DUI / DWI Can Be Beat

Watch our video to learn more how DUIwise can help you defend yourself against drunk driving charges.

Every case is unique – and you have a legal right to defend yourself. Start by getting a free case review.

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Most DUI lawyers are willing to provide a free initial consultation – and it’s a good idea to take advantage of this. Drunk driving charges carry a wide variety of penalties, and the clock is ticking fast.

Speak with a local lawyer about the specifics of your charges to find out if you have a good case. Click the button below to submit your details to a local, experienced DUI / DWI lawyer.

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DUI laws and penalties are confusing. Unless you graduated with a law degree, you probably have several questions related to laws and the consequences you may face if you end up being convicted.

We created the DUIwise Answers section to help provide answers to all of the most commonly asked questions.  Click below to browse our FAQ section.

Learn More About Your State’s Drunk Driving Laws

To get specific details on the laws in your state and the potential penalties you may face for a DUI or DWI arrest, select your state from the map below.